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Sportsbook betting attracts many players as it offers the possibility of big winnings along with unrivaled emotional experiences. But problem is that real sporting events have a duration and take place in certain seasons. This is where Ignition sportsbook offers virtual sports.

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Ignition sports betting Review

Compare virtual sports with video slots or video poker games. In fact, both are the software simulation of real things with high-quality video and sounds, taking into account all characteristics of these phenomena, plus a little lucky uncertainty from the random number generator. At Ignition sports betting player can make as many bets as he or she wishes and train a sports flair in the enhanced mode.

This kind of betting is totally legit in the USA, not in separate states but everywhere, since virtual games are simulations. In casinos like Ignition, with appropriate license and commissions approval, nothing will take at risk the gambler’s banking and social reputation.







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How to play Virtual Sports at the Ignition casino

Like many casinos, Ignition has several sections, one of which is Virtual Sports. Sections can be accessed at the top of any page. Within Virtual Sports section, easy to understand menus help players select sports games to bet on, commands within a league, events, so on.

If you are familiar with features of sports betting, it will not be difficult to understand odds.

If you bet on underdog, win more, but have less chance to win. If you bet on a leader, you deal a better probability, but smaller prize. Amount of winning, in any case, equals to bet plus the odd percent: with an odd of 108, you win $8 on each $100 placed or take back $108.

To start, select a sport and bet on the outcome of the game. To make a better choice, you can always use tips and information provided in the casino FAQ section.

In the Ignition casino sports betting you can place bets not only at one event at a time, but on two, three, and more. After placing money and getting the result, you can place new bets.

Virtual games take place within a few minutes, so you don't have to wait long for the result of your bets. The outcome is totally controlled and calculated by the computer based on the characteristics of teams and players.

Sports Betting Rules

Sportsbook for real sports usually provides a lot of analytics to help with the best betting. For success, it is advisable to be a sports fan and understand the sport, league composition, tournament features, etc. This applies to virtual sports, but to a lesser extent. Here you can be an absolute beginner to win.

To come up with an idea of how to place bets for any virtual sports, you may read Ignition’s FAQ with Virtual Sports Betting Rules. The section explains how virtual sports events, as well as races and number games, are arranged.

For sports games at Ignition sports betting, events are held within the league. These are copies of real events and leagues, but still different, with respect to copyrights and personalities. Therefore, if you are familiar with the real state of affairs in this sport, you will not feel awkward and strange. But you want to make predictions of outcome not by experience in real life, but by the sports table, which is formed during each event.

Number games are both easier and more difficult. While in sports you can rely on knowledge and flair (but do not forget about the interference of chances), in number games everything depends only on random numbers.

Popular sports games at Ignition casino

Each player determines the best virtual sports betting choices for himself (or herself); will it be sports emotions or cold-blooded calculation. For sports enthusiasts, there are basketball league, soccer and animal races. For lottery lovers, there are only two games: Spin & Win and Color-Color. Indeed, sports observe more popularity.

Basketball league

Basketball is represented by famous NBA, but instead of teams’ names, you will see the cities from which they originate. Would you like to cheer for locals? Well, you may, but it is better to assume this play is held in a parallel Universe.

Take a look at the table with season statistics and open commands match window, where you will see options for betting along with odds numbers, representing the rate to win from each bet. These rates are not as big as they are for real-life sports betting or races, where you can face something like 1:4 or 1:20, but remember that online season takes only several hours. You don’t need big compensation for a long wait.

To win, follow a tip list:

  • Take statistics into account, but don’t forget about fortune. Season leaders may lose in the final match.
  • If you don’t know or want whom to bet on, simply sit out. Matches take 90 sec only, you can move away for a while and have another season started.
  • Don’t bet everything you have, or you may lose it all.

While waiting for the result, as software calculates actions for each of the team’s players, you may see beautiful animation of the best moments in-game.

Soccer league

To comply with rights, Soccer league also does not use team or sport celebrity names. Teams are represented by countries, just as they participate in world tournaments. New match starts every 90 seconds and each season is different.

You can place bets on future matches of the current season. Choose a couple of teams and open a window in which you will see options for bets on one of the teams, as well as a wager option on forecast for possible goal number. Note that in virtual sports everything is calculated by sports betting software.

You can place bets on multiple matches, all of them are stored in the bet slip menu on the top of screen. The bet can be canceled or changed before the match has passed.

Recommendations to win:

  • Plan your bankroll with odds ratio for each betting. The best strategy for sustainable bankroll is to risk only 5% on each bet.
  • Not every game is worth betting. If chances are not clear, simply wait for a better opportunity.
  • Remember that online games’ teams behave slightly different than real ones. Don’t put your real preferences into a decision.

Inside your account, you can see statistics on all bets during the play in Ignition sports betting, so you can analyze your strategy a long distance.


Virtual animals in races have their own characteristics, just like sports teams. In the races, you will see regular outsiders and leaders, while sometimes dark horses will appear. Racing starts every few minutes. By clicking on running one, you will see a realistic video with galloping horses, and racing sounds create a complete impression of reality.

This is a game where you can win real big money if you take odds into account. For each horse, you see statistics for previous five races, which shows either its first and second places or not ranked misses. From these sportsbook statistics, you can predict if a horse is going to win the race of your bet. When you bet that a particular horse will win, payout rating is not so big as for a first pare / triple prediction. In the latter case, you may win $1–2k for each $100 wagered. Sometimes the rate is even higher if you expect a couple of outsiders to take on top spots. But this happens not only in computer simulations, but also in real life.

You can make betting on multiple likely outcomes in the same race, as well as on several upcoming races.


Betting on greyhounds has the same rules and logic as for horses. This type of game was added to give variety in a virtual online sportsbook, but different number of participant animals also changes odds to take into account. After switching on dogs after horses, you will have to change your strategy to keep mindfulness in shape.

To the variety of bets added ability to bet on odd or even greyhound number. Note that if payout rate is written with a minus, it means that you have to wager that much money to win $100.

The biggest race wins are offered at Exacta and Trifecta bets where you guess a possible pair or three winners in exact order. To win these bets, you need a precise strategy, or maybe a lot of luck.

If you are new to sports betting, it is better to start with simple one-animal win-or-lose bet and don’t place a lot of money on one name. But a big variety of betting options allows to form your own betting style over time.

Don't forget about bankroll managing and casino bonuses. Free bets in virtual sports can be received in promotions by both new registered and regular players.

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Virtual basketball

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Virtual soccer

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Greyhounds betting


If you are short of real sports events to place bets on, a great alternative is online virtual sports betting. At Ignition Casino, virtual entertainments are held 24/7/365, and none of them is similar in result to the others.

Extensively train your skills in betting on basketball or soccer, or in animal races. Betting is a mentally stimulating activity that can greatly improve one’s mental performance. Each game in the Ignition sports betting area is accompanied by high-quality video, just like in real games, but does not take much time. Try a virtual sportsbook to experience the fun and emotions like in real one, but without a long wait!


Does Ignition casino have sports betting?

At Ignition Casino you will find virtual sports that you can bet on. They are not same as real sport or esports events, but closer to online casino gambling.

Can you bet sports on Ignition?

Almost. In Ignition, you can place bets on virtual basketball and soccer, as well as car, horse and dog racing. To place bets on real sports, look for other sports betting sites.

What is ignition virtual sports?

It is a software simulation of real sports events; world tournaments and the national league. You can place bets according to the same rules and logic as in real sports.


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